A occur to : Aが突然思い浮かぶ
hold ~ back : ~を隠す
patience : 忍耐
give out : 尽きる
swear : ののしる

To swear at him is occur to me so I can't hold back that my patience have gave out.

admin : ~仕方なく認める
quarrel : 口喧嘩
every now and then : 時々
be good terms with : ~と親しい
do you mind if I ~ : ~してもいいですか?
stop by : 立ち寄る

I admired that he stopped by my house.
but we only quarreled yesterday and we are not good terms with each other.

Do you mind if I listen to your talk every now and then?

hang up : 電話を切る
put ~ up : 泊める
drop in : 立ち寄る
pace : 歩く
back and forth : 行ったり来たり
sidewalk : 歩道

I'll hang up if you assure that you'll put me up when I drop in your nearly.
I paced on sidewalk back and forth.

make up : 仲直りする
take A for granted : Aを当然と思う
be through : 終わる
for good : 永遠に
I mean it : 本気で言ってる

Don't think that taking me for granted for good.
It'll certainly comes that I'm through regardless of such that makeing up.

talk over : じっくり話し合う
make it up to : 埋め合わせる
get even : 仕返しする
confess : 自白する
conceal : 隠す

Talk over about to get even for make up to.
I'll confess all and I want you not to conceal all.

keep your word : 約束を守る
lose face : 信用を落とす
stick : ~を守る
pay off : 報われる
in the long run : 最後には

To pay off in the long run, you should keep your word and not losing face.
you must stick them.

cheer up : 元気を出す
can't help : 仕方がない
dwell on : くよくよ悩む
start over : やり直す

Cheer up, You can't help it, Don't dwell on it,you may start over.
Be quiet.