motel : モーテル、車用宿泊施設
accommodate : ~分の十分なスペースがある
suite : 一揃い、スイートルーム
condomonium : マンション
litter : ゴミを投げ捨てる
facility : 施設
be subject of : ~を受ける可能性がある
fine : 罰金

The suite of this motel accomodate to litter.
But if you do, you're subject of fine facility configured.

pack : 混んでいる
beforehand : 事前に
I'd like a word with : 相談したいことがある
get back to : 連絡しなおす
astonish : 大変驚く
appetite : 食欲

If you'd like a word with me , please make a reservation beforehand, so I'll get back soon.
A servant of packing restaurant was astonished by his appetite

I have no idea : よくわからない
hang around : ~群がる
catch a glimpse of : ~を一目見ようと
celebrity : 有名人
autograph : サイン

They hanged around entrance to catch a glimpse of celebrity and ask for autograph.
I have no idea to its motivation.


abroad : 海外へ
jet lag : 時差ぼけ
diarrhea : 下痢
sort of : 何か、何か~するみたいな感じ
dizzy : 眩暈
throw up : 吐き気がする

I was in jet lag and diarrhea so I feel sort of dizzy and throwing up.
I never go abroad.

aspirin : 鎮痛剤
come down with ~ : ~で体調をくずす
ingredient : 原料
harmful : 有害
pregnant : 妊娠している

She came down with something by ingredients of aspirin which is harmful for pregnant woman.

nutrition : 栄養摂取
vital : 極めて重要
infant : 乳児、幼児
moderate : 適度な
exercise : 運動
stimulate : 刺激する

I know the nutrition is vital for infant after moderate exercision for stimulation to circulation.

physician : 医師
refrain from : 控える
for the time being : 当分
do ~ : 本当に
get into shape : 体調を良くする
nasty : ひどい
stay up late : 夜更かしする

Physician told me that I do refrain from staying up late for the time being to get into shape.

surgeon : 外科医
undergo : 受ける
organ : 内蔵
transplant : 移植
bedridden : 寝たきり
take turns : 交代で
look after : 世話をする

Surgeon suggests him who is bedridden and looked after by taking turn to undergo an organ transplant.

excessive : 過度の
contribute : 寄付する、~の一因となる
mortality : 死ぬゆく運命
appropirate : 適切な
take measure : 手段をとる
prevent : 防ぐ
infection : 伝染病などの伝染

Taking excessive appropriate measure is make situation morality.
It prevent infection from contribution of becoming motality nation.

minister : 大臣
oblige : 人に余儀なく~させる
resign : 辞職する

The minister obliged to the king resign.