couldn't be better : 最高だ
do well : うまくいく
interview : 面接
instruction : 指示
trainee : 訓練生
cannot heads or tails of them : さっぱりわからない

I couldn't be better because I did well in interview.
It is responsible for instruction that trainee cannot heads or tails of them.

be out of question : 無理だ、認められない
one by one : 一つずつ
mind your own business : おせっかいはやめろ
persist in : しつこく~する、存続する
bother : 悩ませる

Mind your own business, He persists in whispering me to bother.

childish : 子供じみてる
fuss : 大騒ぎ
nerves : 神経過敏
there's no point to ~ : ~するのは無駄だ
talk back : 口答え
dictator : 独裁者
so to speak : いうなれば

She was making a fuss about that there's no point to being nerves.
I talked back her that it's yet childish like dictator so to speak.

polite : 礼儀正しい
in one's presence : ~の前では
actually : 実際には
despise : 軽蔑する
contrary : 正反対の
look up one : 尊敬する

He is polite and says looking up in her presence,
But actually, he is contrary and despise her.

insult : 侮辱
arouse : 呼び起こす
feed up : うんざりしている
shuffle : 書類を整理する
pour : ~を汲む
make up my mind ~ : ~と決める

I'm fed up with insult arousing nerves.
I make up my mind to get a job to shuffling and pouring coffee.

have difficulity : 苦労している
make ends meet : なんとかやりくりする
get by : なんとか生活していく
clerk : 事務員
A may well do : ~するのももっともだ
complain : 不平を言う
challenging : やりがいのある

Clerks is complaining about chellenging and so on ,but most people have difficulity making ends meet.
No,they might well complain because life getting by on routine work let their heart desolate.

fundamental : 抜本的な
surplus : 黒字
swell : 膨らむ
-fold : -倍に
loyalty : 忠誠
absurd : ばかげた
think of A as B : AをBと考える

I think of to swell surplus somefold as rather fundamental reform than absurd loyalty.

commute : 通勤する
all the way from : ~からわざわざ
suburb : 郊外
be sick of : ~にはうんざり

I commute all the way from my home on hub to suburb.