quite a few : かなりたくさんの
celebrate : 祝う
it won't be long before : ~するまでもうすぐ
help onself to : ご自由にどうぞ
snack : 軽食
in the meantime : その間に

It won't be long before celebration.
Help yourself to snacks which have been provided quite a few.

dressed in : ~を着て
loud : うるさい、けばけばしい
peculiar : 奇妙な
outfit : 服装
stand out : 目立つ
touch : 感動させる
hospitality : もてなし

Hospitality with dressing loud and peculiar outfit can't touch and stand out.

shabby : ぼろぼろの
suitable : ふさわしい
occasion : イベント、行事
intimate : 親密だ
casual : 偶然の、気取らない
acquaintance : 知人

A suitable occasion help make shabby acquaintance casual intimate.

crude : 下品だ
offensive : 不快にさせる~、失礼な、攻撃の
hardly : ほとんど~ない
comprehend : 理解する
imply : 暗示する、ほのめかす

Crude man could hardly comprehend that implying his offensive behavior to himself.

embarassed : どきどきした、恥ずかしい
tease : からかう
all the more : なおさら
irritate : いらいらさせる
timid : 臆病
blush : 赤面する

I often tease him because he is embarassed and blushed when he irritated.
And all the more he become timid.

look down : ~を見下す
rural : 地方の
disguise : 変装
at a glance : 一目見て
chackle : クスクス笑う
backwards : 後ろ前に

I look down him because he chackled rural disguise at a glanece.
His pants is backwards.


keep to onself : ひとりぼっち
belong : 受け入れられる場所にある、所属する
extremely : 極端に
uneasy : 不安な
pretty : かなり
adjust : 順応する
surroundings : 環境

I couldn't adjust my surroundings so I kept to myself and was uneasy.
I want to make myselft belonged extremely.

utterly : 全くの
out of place : 場違い
sophiscated : 洗練された
be into : ~にはまっている
derive A from B : BからAを引き出す
observe : 観察する

He is into observing sophiscated people but he is utterly out of place.
Most ot all mate derive him from it.

for a change : 気分転換に
I'm not up for it : そういう気分じゃない
after you : お先にどうぞ
niece : 姪
sociable : 社交的
mature : 大人になった
for one's age : 年の割には
pass for : 適用する

My niece is sociable and mature for his age.
She can pass for college student.
Do you want to do something for a change?
After you, I'm not up for it.

take care of : ~の世話をする
look forward to : ~を楽しみにする
sincerely : 敬具

I'm looking forward to take care of your dogs.