deceive : 騙す
know better : ~しないくらいの分別がある
waste : 無駄にする
depress : 憂鬱にさせる
leave A for B : Aを見捨ててBに行く
be upset : 精神的に動揺している

I know better than to deceive someone.
Needless truth sometimes waste one's time bt depressing to be upset.
I'm going to leave you for a honesty man.

show up : 姿を見せる
see ~ off : ~を見送る
how come? : どうして?
pity : 哀れみ
sob : むせび泣く

He showed up, sobbed that he could'n see her off without pity.

self-confident : 自信がある
ask ~ out : デートに誘う
go with : 付き合う
on and off : ~したりやめたりを繰り返して
for ages : 長い間
as ~ as ever : 相変わらず
indecisive : 優柔不断
settle down : 落ち着く

A self-confident man isn't indecisive so if he want to go with, immediately ask out.
You aren't as settled down as ever for ages, Stop doing on and off.

be taken by : ~に騙される
all along : 最初からずっと
naive : うぶな
see through : 見抜く
even though : 実際に~だけど
be seeing : 付き合っている
be there : そばにいる

I'm taken by them all along. When did you see through my naive?
Even though you're seeing her, I want to be there.

delight : 喜び
go so far as to do : ~さえもする
take back : 撤回する、返品する
serves you right : 自業自得だ
provoke : 挑発する、引き起こす

My delight go so far as to shouting worse and I can't take back it.
It serves you right. You provoked it.

put up with : 我慢する
arrogance : 傲慢さ
take advantage of : ~を利用する
take one's time : 慌てない
reflect on : ~を深く考える
get through : 乗り越える
ordeal : 厳しい試練

I can't put up with his arrogance, even as I take advantage of his personality.
I should get throuh this ordeal. I'm going to reflecting on it with taking my time.